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Privacy Policy

I'm not collecting your private information with my apps. This privacy policy is a requirement for release.

Update June 2020:

The game engine I used to create Hiragana Breaker is called Unity. Within its backend scripts, something I have essentially no control over, may exist code that will get the Android Device ID on Android devices. I do not collect or use this information in any way. I have no idea how to even access it. Because of this, Hiragana Breaker has one time been removed and flagged from the Google Play Store for "collecting sensitive personal information from children without disclosing it."

Nothing is further from the truth or more ridiculous. Even if my app does unintentionally get the Android Device ID on Android devices, this can in no way be used to identify child users of the app. Therefore, the Google Play Store listing for Hiragana Breaker will indicate that I do collect personal information with the app, which is not true. This disclosure of collecting personal information was done to have the app reinstated on the Google Play Store.

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