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John Gale

Nashville, TN USA

Release Date:

November 4, 2016




John Gale



$0.99 USD to unlock full game

Hiragana Breaker is the block-breaking game that helps you learn basic Japanese characters. Don't just study hiragana. BREAK THEM!

Each level in Hiragana Breaker features blocks arranged in the shape of a character from hiragana; the the basic Japanese alphabet. Move your paddle left and right and bounce the ball up at the blocks to break them. Every time a block is broken, you'll hear a native Japanese speaker say the sound of the character. Just through playing the game, you'll come to recognize the shape and sound of each hiragana. Beat all the levels in a column to open up a quiz to test your hiragana knowledge!

The game is free to download and content can be unlocked through watching ads or only $1.99 USD to remove the ads and unlock all 46 levels, 10 quizzes and the Final Exam. Available on iOS.


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Lead Designer:

John Gale


Jon West

Design and Development:

Paden Pierry

Hannah Webb

Voice Actors:

Akiko Brubaker

Satoshi Hirisawa

Casting Director:

Michael Schwalbe


Naoise Sheridan

Start Menu Art:

Javin Stone

Hiragana Breaker was designed by Japanese language instructor, John Gale, in correspondence with his teaching philosophy of creating fun lessons for students to become immersed in, and teaching Japanese without the aid of roman alphabet phonetics.

John began studying Japanese in 1999 out of a love for Japanese video games like Final Fantasy. His passion lead him to living in Japan for almost four years as an English teacher, obtaining the top level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and earning a Master of Arts in Japanese. He currently teaches Japanese at the Tennessee Language Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

With the desire to tie together his passion for teaching Japanese and his love for video games, John learned video game development through online courses in order to create his first game, Hiragana Breaker. This is only the start to launching an independent game studio whose mission is to create engaging, fun and effective games that help people learn Japanese.


Trailer: YouTube


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