Career Panel: Job Skills Through Fandom


In this panel, I dive into the fundamentals of success needed to advance your career. Your fandoms can provide the Passion, Knowledge and Skills to fuel your advancement.

Internet Toxicity


Have you ever made a negative comment about something online? We all have. But what you may not know is such behavior can bleed over into your real life and adversely affect your career and social prospects. Online attacks have become such a norm in today's society. That's why I started giving this panel: to take my story of being a reformed troll myself to help you learn how to deal with frustration and critique constructively. Profile Profile Profile

Video Game Character Believability


In this on-going research, I explore the concept of "believability" in the interactive video game experience and what makes game characters believable. I'd love to hear your input to contribute to this research. Definitely come to the panel if I'm presenting near you!


Click here for a list of all the books cited in my panels.

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