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Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. If it doesn't answer your question, feel free to use this contact form to email me. I batch email checking, so it may take a while for me to respond.
Q: Where can I study Japanese in the greater Nashville area?
A: At the Tennessee Language Center. That's where I taught from 2016 through 2020. I also admin a Facebook group called Nashville Nihongo where people can connect to form Japanese study groups.
Q: Do you tutor Japanese privately?
A: Not anymore. You can contact the Tennessee Language Center to inquire about a custom class for a small group or private lessons.
Also note that I do not accept contract tutor work through other companies nor can I provide tutoring referrals for such companies. My inbox stays pretty full so I'm afraid such emails from said companies will be deleted.
Q: Can you translate this for me?
A: I am currently accepting Japanese to English translation work again, mainly for video games and game-related projects. My translation rate starts at $0.08 per Japanese character, but we can negotiate a rate depending on the project. I use SDL Trados Studio as a Translation Memory (TM) software. I do not translate from English into Japanese. That should be done by a native Japanese speaker.
If I'm unable to translate your project, I recommend using for low-cost native-speaker translations. When I do have extra time to translate, this is where I go looking for projects.
Q: Can you interpret for this event?
A: I am available in limited capacity to interpret for events. My base rate is $40 per hour. Please contact me to check my availability if your event meets the following conditions:
1. You can provide details on the subject matter needing interpretation. If the topic of your event is highly technical (engineering, agriculture, legal counsel, medical, etc.) I would recommend finding an interpreter with that technical speciality from the American Translators Association (ATA) database. You can also contact TLC in Tennessee, use or the ATA database to find full-time freelance interpreters.
2. If the event is mainly a speech or presentation, you can provide the speech script, the presentation file, or an outline of the presentation. I am more than happy to agree to or sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
3. The event is primarily Japanese into English or a mix but is NOT entirely English into Japanese. I can do both ways, but my native language is English. A native Japanese speaker is better suited for events that are entirely English into Japanese.
4. Travel and accommodation expenses will be provided for any event outside of the Nashville area.
Q: Can you speak to our group/class about learning Japanese, Japanese-related careers, the JET Program, or game design?
A: If I can stream the presentation on my social media, promote my own products during the presentation, and/or receive an honorarium/speaker's fee, then send me the dates and times for the event and I'll check my availability. I can make presentations for groups of high school students or older attendees. Generally, I do not have material prepared for or relevant to younger students.
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